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The process of legal adoption usually involves the termination of the parental rights of one or both of a child’s biological parents.  The attorneys at the Law Offices of Steven Williams have provided legal services in the area of adoption for many families; however, we take no part in “arranging adoptions” or locating children for purposes of adoption.  Instead, our role is to represent one party to an adoption (meaning either the adoptive parent(s) or the biological parent(s)) in order to facilitate and expedite the legal adoption process.

The most common type of private adoption is a “step-parent” adoption (as opposed to an agency- adoption), which occurs when a non-biological spouse and a biological spouse seek to have the other biological parent’s rights terminated, which is often done voluntarily, so that the non-biological spouse can legally adopt the biological child of his/her spouse. The attorneys with the Law Offices of Steven  Williams have helped many families and clients accomplish this process and would be honored to help you and your family to do the same!

Other types of adoption include voluntary and non-voluntary adoptions.  With regard to a voluntary adoption, both biological parents of a child may voluntarily relinquish their parental rights to allow for adoption of that child by qualified adoptive parents. In the instance of involuntary adoptions, most often the adoptive parents or an agency of the State brings suit against the biological parent(s) seeking to involuntarily terminate the parental rights of the biological parent(s). The Texas Family Code contains a number of grounds under which involuntary termination can be sought and granted, what is required of perspective adoptive parents, and for the entire adoption process.

Another type of adoption, although much less common, is an adult-adoption.  Texas law allows an adult of any age to be adopted, so long as both the adult to be adopted and the perspective adoptive parent(s) each agree to the adoption.  The law does not require that the reason for the adoption be presented to the court for the adoption process, and adult-adoptions can essentially be done for any reason.  The most common reasons for adult-adoptions, however, involve: inheritance rights; the need or desire to develop next of kin and/or care-giver rights; and/or for an adult who, as a child, was a runaway, abandoned, lost, kidnaped, given away by means other than a legal adoption, or for some reason lost touch with their biological family at an early age, and as a result has no way to obtain a copy of their birth certificate and/or any other form of identifying information.

Under Texas law, a person is not required to be married in order to adopt a child.  The attorneys of the Law Offices of Steven Williams have the qualifications and experience necessary to represent clients involved in all types of adoption.  We provide affordable assistance to all clients, both single, married, and those of the LGBT community, who are seeking the legal services necessary to adopt, as well as biological parents who are seeking legal assistance with regard to the possible termination of their rights.

We at the Law Offices of Steven Williams take pride in representing our clients throughout Wise County, Texas, and the surrounding counties and communities.  If you are seeking legal services in any type of adoption procedure, please call our offices today at (940) 627-6060 for a free consultation so that we can answer your questions and determine if we can be of assistance to you.

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