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Were You Accused Of A Violent Crime?

Accusations of assault, domestic violence or other violent crimes can be devastating to your rights and your freedom. If you are accused of a violent crime, it’s essential to seek advice from an experienced criminal defense lawyer before you discuss the charges with anyone else.

At the Law Offices of Steven Williams in Decatur, Texas, our lawyer handles a wide variety of criminal charges, including:

  • Assault and battery: Assault is the threat of violence. Battery is intentionally causing physical harm.
  • Domestic violence assault: Domestic violence is a special category of assault when it occurs between husband and wife, domestic partners, family members, or between people who are in a relationship.
  • Murder: There are many types of murder charges, from vehicular homicide to manslaughter to homicide.

We offer a free initial consultation to review the charges against you and answer your questions. We represent clients throughout Wise County, Texas, including the surrounding counties and communities.

Do I Have A Defense?

Just because someone has accused you of a violent crime does not mean the state can convict you. There are defenses, such as self-defense, that may apply in your case. It’s important to discuss the case with your lawyer before you talk to police. By talking to police, you may make it harder for your lawyer to use certain defenses.

Before you talk to anyone, please contact our Decatur office by calling 940-308-8412 or sending us an email.