Criminal Defense Lawyers for Federal Crimes in Wise County, Texas

A federal felony is a serious crime that carries the possibility of confinement in a federal penitentiary upon conviction. Examples of common federal felony crimes include:

  • White Collar Crimes
  • Bank Fraud
  • Mortgage Fraud
  • Bankruptcy Fraud
  • Tax Fraud and/or Tax Evasion
  • Interstate/International Drug and Narcotics Trafficking
  • Money Laundering
  • Immigration Offenses
  • Certain Firearm Crimes
  • Robbery of a Federal Building or FDIC Insured Bank
  • Armed Robbery
  • Kidnapping

We defend against these types of criminal allegations from investigation, through indictment, pre-trial reports, motions, hearings, trial, and, upon a plea or conviction, pre-sentencing reports, and sentencing.  In many federal criminal cases it is necessary for a proper defense, for your defense attorney to file certain motions and hold hearings on those motions, most often those matters involve bail, suppression of evidence, and compelling discovery of the government’s evidence. We are experienced trial lawyers prepared to protect your individual constitutional rights in all stages of federal criminal proceedings, from the investigation, arrest, charges, indictment, pre-trial matters all the way through to your constitutional right to a jury trial and constitutional limits and requirements in the sentencing phase of a federal criminal trial.

When facing a federal felony charge, the potential for penitentiary time is great and the possibility of probation is severely limited for federal felonies by both federal statutory minimums and the United States Sentencing Guidelines (USSG).  The USSG are no longer mandatory and the United States Supreme Court has returned sentencing discretion to individual judges; however, many federal judges still follow the USSG in assessing sentences for federal felonies, as it makes it easier for judges, prosecutors, and probation officers to treat a defendant as a number, not as a person, and hand down more “uniform” type sentences rather than looking at sentencing ranges on a case by case basis.

We are aggressive attorneys who humanize each client through vigorous representation, such as spending time with the probation officer preparing the federal pre-sentencing report, and vigorously requesting and/or fighting for departures from the USSG prescribed sentences based on factors unique to your particular case.  This is more important than one might think, because when dealing with a federal crime, your sentence upon conviction is basically your sentence, meaning, one convicted of a federal crime will serve almost all, if not all, of that time in a federal prison, which can be a prison facility can located anywhere in the United States (not necessarily in Texas or your home state).  There are very few exceptions that allow “time-off” of a federal prison sentence, and even under those few exceptions, the reduction in time is extremely minimal.  For example, if you are sentenced to 24 months in federal prison, and you qualify for a program to earn time off of that sentence, you will still end up serving 20 months of that 24 month sentence.

A federal felony charge is a very serious matter, with a high likelihood of a sentence imposing prison time in a facility of the federal bureau of prisons (the “BOP”).  While many people are under the impression that federal prison time is easy, or more like a “camp” than it is a prison, we must remind you that it is still time…prison time…time behind bars…time having all of your freedom stripped away…time away from your family, friends, and loved ones. And we also must remind you that although it may be somewhat less stringent than Texas state prison time, it is likely to result in a much longer stay.  For example, if you receive a 24 month sentence in TDC, there could be a possibility of a parole release in as little as 6-8 months, whereas a 24 moth federal sentence will result in confinement for 20-24 months…whether you believe its easy time or not, more time in prison is never a better outcome.

We take pride in representing our clients throughout Wise County, Texas, including the surrounding counties and communities. Allow us to put our leverage, experience, and knowledge of the law and of the local prosecution and standards with regard to federal criminal cases to work for you in a defense against your alleged federal crime, and call us today at (940) 627-6060 to arrange your free initial consultation.

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