Appellate Lawyers in Wise County, Texas

There are cases where a judge or jury arrives at the wrong verdict, resulting in a wrongful conviction. Many of these cases are incorrect because of technicalities or mistakes made during a criminal investigation process and/or the trial.  In other cases, however, innocent people face unjust convictions and sentences for crimes that they did not commit, due in large part to human error.

If you are the victim of an incorrect verdict and/or unjust conviction, a criminal defense attorney can help you appeal the ruling by arguing your case in front of a higher court, such as the Texas Supreme Court or the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals. You may not appeal your case solely on the assertion that the verdict was wrong, but when evidence exclusion, allowance of inadmissible evidence, unintentional or intentional misconduct (such as tampering with evidence) by a prosecution attorney, negligence by a defense attorney or similar factors exists, or if new exculpatory evidence is discovered after your trial and conviction, you may have grounds for an appeal.



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