Those marijuana edibles can get you into trouble in Texas

| Jul 6, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

A West coast road trip through three states and additional sojourns into Nevada and Colorado netted you and a college friend oodles of marijuana edible products. The purchase of the gummies, candies, cookies, brownies and energy drinks was legal in those states. Now, you plan to bring them home to Texas, where you will use and sell to friends. But there is a problem.

Texas is not among the 11 states and District of Columbia to legalize recreational marijuana. Although you bought the products legally during your road trip, you will likely encounter troubles back home. Count on it.

Still face consequences

Although some attitudes around the country are changing, Texas continues to adhere to punishing people who possess marijuana. You can be thrown into jail for the use and possession of marijuana and marijuana-derived products such as gummy and candy edibles.

If you are a college student convicted on a criminal charge, you also could face campus-related consequences such as expulsion and suspension from school, loss of scholarships and ineligibility for financial aid. As long as marijuana remains illegal in the state, you must careful of the potential consequences.

Texas lawmakers wrestle with marijuana actions

However, some confusion has risen in the past year related to cannabis-related plants. Last summer, though, Texas – in line with federal declarations — legalized the sale of hemp, a plant related to marijuana, but one with much lower concentrates of THC, the ingredient that makes you high. Hemp is used to make products such as clothing, rope, building materials, balm and CDB-infused products meant for health purposes.

And, to add more complications, Texas is not among the states that has legalized medical marijuana for the general population. However, medical marijuana is legal in Texas for specific medical cases.

As lawmakers wrestle with their decision on recreational marijuana, it is crucial to remember the potential consequences of an arrest and conviction. If you find yourself in the latter situation, it is wise to seek a legal advocate.