Common mistakes to avoid with children during a divorce

| Jul 20, 2019 | Family Law |

Celebrity and high-profile divorces seem to be announced every day in the news, and divorce is a reality for many Georgia couples. According to U.S. News, almost 12 married individuals per 1,000 will get divorced, although the rates are lower in states where marriage is not as common. One of the biggest emotional casualties in divorce is the children. As parents work to protect their children and create a stable future for them, they can avoid some of the most common emotional mistakes many make during divorce.

WebMD suggests that parents should avoid making the child the messenger. It is too easy to communicate with the other parent through the children, but it can cause serious emotional distress on kids and requires them to handle a situation their parents could not even handle. If ex-spouses cannot get along and speak amicably, email and text are viable tools that allow them to communicate without involving the kids.

Some parents expect their kids to adjust to their way of thinking rather than really trying to understand where the kids are coming from and how they feel. Parents should listen to how kids feel and not negate any of their feelings. It is often difficult in divorces that are contentious, but it is important that parents not be critical of the other In front of the children. Parents do not need to have a solution to a problem, they only need to listen to how their kids feel.

Finally, parents should avoid the urge to get details about the other parent from their kids. When the kids are away with one parent, experts encourage the other parent to treat it as a fun visit to an aunt or an uncle. Asking general questions is okay, but grilling kids puts too much emotional responsibility on their shoulders.

Keeping kids emotionally healthy is a vital part of any divorce. When both parents are committed to the well-being of their children, the goal is in sight.