An adoption home study is more than just a visit

| Jan 30, 2019 | Family Law |

When families in Texas are preparing to bring another child into their family via adoption, they face an extensive process to guarantee that their home, lifestyle and family dynamic will be a viable fit for a child who needs a home. A portion of this process is called a home study. This method of performing a thorough background check on potential adoptive families is a central part of the adoption process.

Many people think of the actual home visit when they hear the term “home study,” but according to, the process involves an investigation into a lot of other factors including the following:

  • The relationships a family has with each other, people in their community and other, extended family members and associates.
  • The background and history of the family including the influence they have had on other people around them.
  • A typical day in their life including their routine and how they manage daily responsibilities.
  • Their educational background and career paths including their current employment status and opportunities.
  • The parenting style of the parents who will be raising the child they adopt including any allegations of child abuse or neglect from the past. suggests that families looking to adopt work carefully to collect the names of references who can support their ideals as they progress with their quest to adopt a child. Before naming a person as a reference, families should speak with that person about their intentions and ask if he or she would be interested in promoting their family for an adoption. The process will also require them to undergo a series of interviews where they will answer questions about their life and desire to raise a child.